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We do our absolute best to help every user do a will online for free. But some users will discover their circumstances mean they need or should consider expert legal advice.

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Law firms pay us a fixed annual fee for the Bequeathed software and to promote their services to users. The more wills that are made through Bequeathed, the more people consider the benefits of paying for expert legal advice.

Charities pay us a fixed annual fee to remind you of the difference a gift in a will can make to them. The more wills that are made through Bequeathed, the more is raised for good causes.

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The British Red Cross Royal National Institute for the Blind World Cancer Research Fund World Vision UK Lord's Taverners The Royal Mencap Society Royal National Lifeboat Institution Blind Veterans Seafarers UK Norwood Ravenswood Tree Aid Royal Society for Blind Children Blue Cross British Liver Trust University Hospitals Birmingham Charity Scope Help for Heroes The Macular Society Family Support Work Premier Christian Media Trust Place2BeSt Ann's Hospice Royal College of Music League Against Cruel Sports St John Ambulance Action Against Hunger

Wills are critical for the UK's charities. Some charities rely on gifts in wills for as much as 60% of their total donations.

Without gifts in wills, much of the charitable work in this country simply wouldn't happen.

There is no obligation to include a gift in your will to any of the charities we promote, or to any charity, but many people like you do.

Your online will is free no matter what.

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