Call Recording Policy

This is the policy of Bequeathed Limited (company number 10960116), whose registered office is at West End Farmhouse, Long Marston Road, Cheddington, LU7 0RS, telephone [insert], and e-mail [insert]relating to the recording of in-coming and out-going telephone calls.

We record all conversations conducted on our help desk telephone number [xxxx], whether by way of in-coming or out-going call. The voice recordings will be stored for [6 years] in accordance with our Privacy Policy [insert link]

We record calls for the following purposes

  • ascertaining the technical support needs of our users and sharing those needs amongst our team so that a team member may take action
  • ascertaining the legal needs of our users and sharing those needs with one of our panel law firms when a user has requested that the law firm provide them with legal advice.
  • establishing the existence of facts, for instance in the event of a complaint by one of our users or customers
  • ascertain compliance with regulations applicable to use
  • training and to ascertain or demonstrate the standards which are achieved or ought to be achieved by our personnel in the course of their duties
  • preventing or detecting crime