Working with charities to change will-writing for good.   

Our platform allows your supporters to make their will online, for free.  We provide all the support and guidance users need to make their will online. And we also help them to identify where they might benefit from paid for legal advice from one of our partner law firms.   

However they choose to complete their will (online, over the phone or face-to-face with a solicitor), they’ll be prompted to remember the causes they care about.   

With Bequeathed your whole legacy fundraising funnel is supported; from initial enquiry right through to in-depth reporting on gifts left.   

We already have 75+ charities of all sizes working with us to change will-writing for good.  

And we’re partnering with an increasing number of top law firms, placing the valuable advice solicitors can give at the centre of our offer. 

Meeting your supporters needs

If your legacy strategy involves fully meeting supporters’ will-writing needs and working with, not against, law firms:

North of England and Wales call Alexis Fairclough on 0151 808 1321

   or email [email protected]

South of England and Wales call David Roberts on 020 3514 2141

   or email [email protected]

You can also download this PDF introduction to Bequeathed which explains our offer, why it’s unique and how our simple, affordable fixed-fee pricing for charities works.

We offer you a way to increase your legacy gifts

We ensure each person gets the will-writing solution that suits their circumstances.

They can make their will online for free.

We give them expert guidance throughout and also help them identify when they need legal advice. If they do, we refer them to one of our partner law firms to agree a price to complete their will.

We ask everyone who uses our platform to consider leaving a gift to charity. Your supporters are specifically asked to leave a gift to you.

That means we can help your supporters to start their will immediately (converting their interest in to action) and to complete it.

It also means the charities which benefit from those wills can be confident – and can prove – that will-makers have been properly advised and made fully informed decisions.

We’re here to help your supporters

With our platform, your supporters can make the will that best suits them and their families. Bequeathed gives your supporters:

  • Convenience. They can start their will whenever it suits them, and update it if their circumstances change.
  • Expert guidance throughout the will-making process.
  • Savings – of both time and money – if they need legal advice. That’s because our partner law firms pick up from where they left off on our system, without charging for starting from scratch.

Why charities benefit when law firms work with Bequeathed  

Law firms are choosing to partner with us in our free online will scheme – and pay us to do so – because we deliver benefits, not burdens. 

  • Bequeathed doesn’t ask solicitors to give up their time to write simple wills for little or nothing as traditional free wills schemes do.
  • Bequeathed does deliver new business to law firms, introducing qualified leads rather than diverting them away to online start-ups with little or no legal experience.

Our firms also use our system to write wills for their own clients (reducing cost to serve) and promote it in their own area to attract new will-writing prospects (who will all be asked to consider supporting charities in their will).

And that means our law firms not only work with us to better meet the will-writing needs of your supporters, they also extend the reach of your charity's fundraising message to the majority of the will-writing population who still turn to a solicitor for help.

If your charity is looking for a legacy fundraising solution that addresses legacy lead generation, qualification and conversion, as well as stewardship, in one consistent, unified customer journey that is capable of meeting all consumer needs, then choose Bequeathed.

Have a look around our site, make a will yourself, read some guidance, download our introduction to Bequeathed.

Our users love it.

We hope you will too.

When you’re ready, call us for a chat

North of England and Wales call Alexis Fairclough on 0151 808 1321

   or email [email protected]

South of England and Wales call David Roberts on 020 3514 2141

   or email [email protected]