How we help charities

We help consumers make a will and we help law firms win new business. By doing that, we help charities generate legacy income, compliantly.

It has taken our legal team over 5 years to develop a comprehensive online will with systematic giving prompts which is so good that law firms are prepared to use it. We’ve delivered above-average rates of pledges in 2 pilots with 7 major charities. We’ve created compliant fundraising and data-protection processes and delivered insightful reporting.

If your charity’s legacy strategy involves meeting supporters’ will-writing needs fully and working with, not against, law firms, telephone Jon Brewer on 07799 719901 or email [email protected]. You can also download this PDF introduction to Bequeathed which addresses key questions and explains our simple, affordable fixed-fee pricing.

We ensure a consumer gets the will-writing solution that suits their circumstances, online for free or paid-for from our panel law firms: they can advise on the telephone or face-to-face.

That means we can help all consumers to start their will immediately (converting their interest in to action) and to complete it, whatever their needs and however they prefer to make it.

It also means the charities which benefit from those wills can be confident – and can prove – that testators have been properly advised and made fully informed decisions.

To see the full breadth and depth of our consumer offer, do a will, read some guidance, have a chat. Our users love it. We hope you will too.

Our panel law firms participate in our free online charity will scheme – and pay us to do so – because we deliver benefits, not burdens. 

  • Bequeathed doesn’t require firms to incur the loss of writing a will for little or nothing as traditional schemes do.
  • Bequeathed does deliver new business to law firms, rather than divert it away to online start-ups with little or no legal experience.

Our firms also use our system to write their own wills (reducing cost to serve) and promote it in their regions (to attract new, qualified will-writing prospects).

And that means our law firms not only work with us to better meet the will-writing needs of your supporters and prospective supporters, but they extend the reach of your charity's fundraising message to the majority of the will-writing population who still turn to a solicitor for help.

Your charity could use a traditional free will scheme and ask law firms to write wills for its supporters as a loss leader (assuming a supporter is prepared to wait for the time it takes to find a solicitor in the scheme and take the time to visit that firm to instruct them).

Or your charity could direct its supporters who want the immediacy of an online will-writing solution down a path that leads away from the expertise of those same law firms. It can hope a simple will from the latest will-writing start-up with little or no legal experience really does meet the testator’s needs. Odds are it won’t be contested, so maybe it will be ok.

Or your charity could select a national law firm or ABS that offers telephone and online wills (but not face-to-face). The regional law firms that together write most wills in the country won’t thank your charity for promoting the single biggest threat to their private client practices. And your charity's supporters will have to pay for an online will. But at least those types of legal providers deliver reasonable legal advice when needed.

Or your charity can  choose Bequeathed to deliver online, telephone and face-to-face will-writing solutions that are founded upon the deep legal experience of solicitors.

We enable supporters and prospective supporters to get started online immediately, for free. We offer hundreds of pages of guidance and prompts so a user considers every issue (consumers often do not know what they do not know). And we have expert telephone or face-to-face advice seamlessly on hand from Lexcel-accredited law firms when it is worthwhile paying for.

When your charity works with us and our panel law firms, it not only improves likely will-writing outcomes for its supporters but also for our law firms, who will, in return, market your mission through their use and promotion of Bequeathed.

If your charity is looking for a legacy fundraising solution that addresses legacy lead generation, qualification and conversion, as well as stewardship, in one consistent, unified customer journey that is capable of meeting all consumer needs, then choose Bequeathed.

To find out more about how your charity can work with rather than against the law firms responsible for the majority of the wills that deliver £2.5bn to the sector each year, telephone Jon Brewer on 07799 719901 or email [email protected].

Have a look around our site, do a will, see how we present charities, chat with us. You can also download this PDF introduction to Bequeathed which addresses key questions and explains our simple, affordable fixed-fee pricing.

When you are ready, telephone Jon on 07799 719901 or email him at [email protected].