Encouraging will writing and giving to good causes

Benefit your employees and your chosen charities

Bequeathed is a free will-writing initiative that benefits your customers, the people you work with, your business and the charities you and they support.

We are committed and passionate about Corporate Social Responsibility. This offer is a valuable added benefit to employers and employees. It encourages employees to organise their affairs and support their community or choice of charity.

Bequeathed’s unique offer works for companies like yours because it’s:

  • Good for employees – it enables your staff to make the will their families need them to have, online for free, with accredited law firms available for advice when it’s really worth paying for.
  • Good for employers – communicating the offer is a no-cost way for your company to help staff properly plan for their family’s financial wellbeing and remove a weight from their mind.
  • Good for CSR – it’s an additional way for you to have an impact on the work of the causes you support and a distinctive message to communicate about the support you give to charity.

The will is always free.

Bequeathed tells users about the impact legacy gifts can have on the work of our charity partners.

People do not have to leave a gift to charity in their will. However, over 38% do (compared to a national average of 6%). That has led to pledged gifts in wills in the last six months of £12m, including to our 75+ charity customers such as NSPCC British Red Cross, RNIB, Mencap, Blue Cross, Scope, Guide Dogs, National Trust, RNLI and Help for Heroes.

Social Responsibility

Promoting Bequeathed to your staff has huge potential for your company, your employees and your community

A free will scheme for our corporate partners offers you:

  • A benefit your employees don’t need to pay for It’s not much of a benefit for employees to pay for their will via salary sacrifice just to save the national insurance. Bequeathed is an entirely free, non-taxable benefit to employee and employer.

A call to action your staff haven’t heard before

  • Encouraging staff to pay to make their will as part of good financial planning can be an uphill struggle. Suggesting they make it for free to benefit both their loved ones and charity won’t be.

You can promote a special offer to your employees

  • If your employees complete their will with Bequeathed then one of our law firms will offer a £125 (inc VAT) 45 minute check and review, help them sign and witness the will and store it for free. A significant discount from the full price of doing a will, which can be anywhere from £250.00 including VAT.

A measurable CSR initiative for you

  • You’ll learn how many staff make a will, how much they pledge and to which charities. That creates new PR opportunities to work on with the causes you support.

An easy way for you to make a huge difference By simply helping more colleagues to make the will they need to have, you help to make sure charities receive the legacy gifts they can’t do without.

Have a look around our site, and make a will yourself. 

Our users love it.

We hope you will too.

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