How we help law firms

Bequeathed is an online will-writing scheme that works for the mutual benefit of consumers, charities and law firms.

We help high volumes of consumers make their will for free online.

We tell them when they either might need or should pay for expert legal advice from one of our panel firms.

Firms join Bequeathed because it gives them a sustainable, competitive advantage.

To help them win against other law firms and the likes of Co-op in winning new, profitable business.

And to win against unregulated online providers who claim solicitors aren’t necessary in will-writing.

If your firm is Lexcel or ISO accredited and would like new profitable private client business call Jon Brewer on 07799 719901 or email him on [email protected]

Start with consumers

Our approach is the right thing to do for consumers.

When a consumer has straightforward circumstances, their needs can be met with an online structured interview.

And we do it for free.

If they didn’t need expert legal advice, then there was no case for them to pay a law firm in the first place. And these people do not tend to be your most profitable clients.

Just like the discovery questions you ask, our interview helps a consumer identify the issues they might not have thought about but should. Issues such as capacity and disappointed beneficiaries are tackled head-on. It will come as no surprise that the interview was designed by a former Withers solicitor and an editor of Halsbury’s Laws of England.

And when a consumer realises they need help, we are able to recommend expert advice from quality-assured panel law firms.

It’s always up to the consumer whether they do or do not instruct one of our panel law firms. But no user of Bequeathed will make a will without coming to an informed decision on whether expert legal advice may or may not be valuable to them and their family.

Think about charities

Bequeathed helps more consumers make a will, which means more families and friends are catered for. It also prompts consumers to consider the impact a legacy could have for a cause they care about. We generate above-average rates of giving.

So Bequeathed is great for charities, especially as it addresses charities’ concern that their reputation will be damaged if they recommend online will-writers that fail to advise their supporters fully.

The involvement of leading law firms like yours in Bequeathed plays a significant role in attracting charities to the scheme. In turn, those charities promote Bequeathed and its panel law firms to thousands upon thousands of their supporters who want to make a will.

Unlike other free charity will schemes, your firm doesn’t have to take on free or low-cost will writing as a loss leader. We do that.

And you don’t have to do the awkward upsell from a free will to additional legal services. We help consumers consider the benefits of expert legal advice.  You only work with new clients who decide they do want your advice and are willing to pay a reasonable fee for it under your terms and conditions.

Consider the competition

Bequeathed gives law firms a pretty unbeatable position versus the start-up online providers who decry lawyers.


Why would a consumer pay for a simplistic online will generated by a system that’s been knocked together in months by an unregulated provider? Why would charities take the risk of promoting such a service to their supporters?

With Bequeathed, consumers and charities are safe in the knowledge that lawyers are on hand when expert advice is needed. They can rely on the Bequeathed will-writing software that has been developed over 7 years and is now trusted by leading law firms around the UK.

As the only firm in your area to work with Bequeathed, you get a competitive advantage versus other law firms too.

Why would any consumer wait for one of your competitors to open on Monday morning when they can start with Bequeathed on Sunday night for free and only pay for your legal advice when it’s truly necessary?

We recruit national charities to drive qualified traffic to you. You can also extend your advantage over your local competition by introducing charities in your region to Bequeathed. A simple click on a Bequeathed link you provide them with, and their supporters and customers are on their way to doing a will in the way that best suits them, online for free, or paid-for with your firm when advice is necessary or beneficial.

Finally, Bequeathed is helping leading law firms take on the challenge that Co-op presents as it rolls out its private client service through 1000+ funeral care locations. See page 8 of their Interim Report for 2017 for a little more insight in to the importance of online to them.

But, as a consumer, you have a choice.  Start online with Co-op and then pay for a telephone will from a wills specialist. Or start and complete online for free with Bequeathed and turn to the local expertise of experienced solicitors when needed?

Choose Bequeathed

Our panel law firms recognise the value they add to a client is not in the drafting - technology can do most of that job. The value is in the expert legal advice they provide.

Bequeathed can help a high volume of consumers who do not need expert legal advice to generate new business from consumers who do.

In doing our very best to help consumers complete their will online, we qualify out those that did not need or were not prepared to pay for your advice. It means we only deliver profitable new business from clients who will value the expertise you offer, both now and across a lifetime of legal needs.

To become Bequeathed’s panel firm in your area there’s a £599 setup fee.

Your subscription – from just £200/month for each office - only starts once you get your first referral or Professional Executor appointment.

As you are doubtless aware many will-drafting tools cost significantly more, without offering any of the business development benefits just outlined.

To put it in the simplest terms if you only used Bequeathed to write your wills, you’d still be saving money. If you get just one new client each month this small charge will already have been defrayed. As our Liverpool panel firm said “it’s buttons”.

And, unlike traditional advertising, this service is only targeted at people likely to need your services.

Bequeathed gives leading law firms a distinctive competitive advantage versus online will-writers with little expertise, national telephone services with little local presence and local law firms that charge for manually drafting wills where little or no expert legal advice is required.

If you would like to start the discussion on how to secure Bequeathed for your firm in your area, telephone Jon Brewer on 07799 719901 or email him on [email protected].