Good for legal business

Our panel of legal firms can meet the willwriting needs of people anywhere in the UK. However, with the volume of users increasing every month, we have space for more good firms to join. Read on to find out why doing good for consumers, and good for charity, is also good for your legal business.

Join us to ensure every consumer has a Will For Good

Every user who starts online here at Bequeathed receives legal advice. Every will is well-drafted. By firms like yours. For good.

  • 130+ charities work with us to promote Will For Good.
  • Tens of thousands of people visit our website each month when searching for willwriting.
  • Our first national financial services business will shortly join, enabling clients to make their Will For Good.

All of which means we have thousands of people who need the services of firms like yours to get the Will For Good they really can rely on.

Do the right thing to win new business

A Will For Good is simply a good legal service you can deliver quickly and cost-effectively that secures the lifetime value of a new client.

Once a user has completed their online interview, we securely transfer the answers and a system-generated Word draft of their will to you. You book a Zoom appointment with them and onboard them as a client: our system can even generate your T&Cs for signature and gather ID.

In the appointment, and with the interview answers and draft will already to hand, you take all the usual steps to fulfil your duty of care:

  • Review your client's circumstances, needs and wishes with them.
  • Satisfy yourself there are no capacity or undue influence issues.
  • Consider the need for additional advice.

Where the draft will already meets your new client's needs without change, you send it to them. For free. They return it signed and witnessed for you to check execution and store. It means you secure a new client in your CRM, with a will in your wills bank, for no more than 30 minutes of your time.

Where additional advice or services beyond 30 minutes are in the best interests of your new client, then you provide a quote. Some new clients will choose the additional protection of a trust. Or the peace of mind that comes with LPAs. Others will have complex business or property needs, or IHT opportunities, where additional expert advice will be needed.

Offer consumers a good choice

To participate in Will For Good, your firm must have a minimum of £2m professional indemnity insurance and must:

  • Be regulated by one of the regulators authorised by the Legal Services Board; or
  • Be significantly controlled by a solicitor who is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority; or
  • Be significantly controlled by a fully qualified member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners who is therefore subject to its Code of Professional Conduct and its Code for Will Preparation.

We will want to see evidence that wills and probate are a core area of your firm's expertise. Not a sideline. We will need to know there are no unfair exclusions or limitations in your client retainer. And once you are onboard, we will expect to see your ongoing commitment to great client service through proactive communication and quick turnaround.

Support Will For Good

Bequeathed is, first and foremost, a fundraising business. We are registered with the Fundraising Regulator.

By helping more consumers to make a will, we help more of our charity customers generate gifts in wills. Our users pledge over £1m per month. When you join our panel, you support good causes. And that's never a bad thing for marketing and PR.

You also secure new clients through a free will scheme where most of the time-intensive work is already done: with Will For Good, it does make commercial sense to offer free charity wills to win profitable new clients.

We charge legal firms a modest monthly fee to feature on our panel so they can receive new clients. There is a small administration fee for each will created in our system: it covers our cost of supporting your next client to provide their instructions online including generating a first draft of their will for you to work with and your compliance steps. You can cancel with a month's notice.

For an annual commitment, we can help you create your own Will For Good scheme to generate new clients for yourself. Stand out against local and national firms targeting your wills and probate work. Recruit charities, accountants, financial advisors and employers in your area as introducers. Help more people make their will. Deliver more gifts to charity. And drive more new clients through your (virtual) front door.

If that sounds good, and you meet our panel firm criteria, then book an appointment with Jonathan Brewer to discuss.