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Shiloh Rotherham 

Shiloh want to support people to get out of homelessness for good. We see this as more than just helping people find accommodation, but working alongside our guests to help them be all they can be. Restoring people, so that they can make a house a permanent home.

Shiloh Rotherham

Your support will enable us to provide life changing services that prepare people for a new independent future.

To achieve our vision we provide support services primarily based at our Support Centre which offer our guests housing advice, education and training, creative activities and support for health and addictions. We also offer practical help including a healthy breakfast and lunch, laundry services, hairdressing, clothing and bedding. We’ve been supporting homeless adults since 1992 and work closely with partner organisations to provide meaningful opportunities that help bring about positive change in the lives of our guests.

We rely heavily on voluntary donations to provide support, advice, training and activities to everyone who comes to us for help. A gift in your will, large or small, would make a real difference to our work.

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Shiloh Rotherham

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