All about wills

Making your will is really important.

The plans you make for your family and friends when you are no longer around to look after them are just as important as the support you give them during your life. It’s got to be a good idea to guide what happens when you die, and reduce the burden and cost to those you leave behind. Yet many people put it off – perhaps because they don’t like thinking about the end of their life, or maybe it’s a question of time or cost.

When you choose Bequeathed to make your will you get as much support as you need to complete the will interview. When you're ready, we arrange a free 30 minute appointment with an accredited legal firm. They advise you and send your free will. 

Give yourself peace of mind, and get started on your will today. With us and our charity partners, it’s quick, efficient and free. 

We’re here to help you with whatever you want to know, with loads of guidance that you can reach from the links below, and support while you take our online interview.

So try viewing it in a different light: why wouldn’t you make your will with us?

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Do I need a will?

You need a will to provide certainty and care for your loved ones

Making a will - everything you need to know

Making your will consists of the three steps of preparation, drafting and execution

Who can make a will?

Anyone can make a will, if they are of legal age and sufficient mental capacity

Is a will legally binding?

A will is binding when it has been signed and witnessed, but there are some exceptions


How to choose and appoint your executors, and help them understand their role

Beneficiaries - who can benefit from your will?

Anyone can benefit from your will, but there are some special rules to take into account

What to include in a will

What to include so that you pass on your property and make other essential decisions

Care of children

Plan for the care of your children by appointing guardians who are people you trust

Gifts to children

Things to remember when leaving gifts to your children and others

Will trust

Find out about trusts, and when it might be useful to use them in your will 

Inheritance tax

Who pays inheritance tax, at what rate, and how can you reduce your liability?

Mirror wills

Mirror wills help you to give effect to joint decisions about your property

Overseas property and assets

An overseas connection may complicate your will

After signing your will, what should you do next?

After signing your will, you need to store it and let people know where it is

What happens to a will after death?

Where the will is stored, and how quickly probate can be applied for, may affect what happens next

Will review - make sure your will is up to date

You should review your will regularly, and after important events in your life 


Understanding what probate involves may help you to choose your executors and prepare them for the role

Advance decision - living wills

A living will is not actually a will, but a way of making advance decisions about future medical treatment 

Bequeathed - a guide to your will

How to make a will with Bequeathed

Other documents related to your will

Other documents to supplement your will


Common myths and misconceptions about your will explained 


Use the glossary to break through the jargon and understand your will

Small Charity legacy fundraising

Tips on legacy fundraising for small charities