Funeral wishes

Do you have any funeral wishes?

The interview will ask if you have any wishes in relation to your funeral. It may be that you do not, in which case you can simply choose ‘no’ and move onto the next section.

However, if you do have funeral wishes you would like to include in your will, you can choose that you wish:

  • to be buried;
  • to be cremated; or
  • your body to be donated to medical science.

If you choose the last of these, you will have to specify the institution that is to receive your body. For further information, see our page Organ and whole body donation.

The interview will also ask you if you would like people to make a donation to charity rather than sending flowers. If you wish to do this, you can choose for donations to be made to one of the leading charities we work with to bring you the will-writing service, or you can nominate your own favourite charity. Alternatively, you can leave it to your friends and relatives to choose their own charity.

For further information, see our page Funeral wishes.