Your status

The interview will ask you whether you are:

  • married;
  • a partner in a civil partnership;
  • due to marry;
  • due to form a civil partnership; or
  • single

If you are married or in a civil partnership (or due to marry or form a civil partnership), you will be asked for the name and address of your spouse or civil partner. In the case of marriages, you will be asked if the marriage is a same-sex marriage.

The questions in this part of the interview are about your current status (except where you are shortly to be married or form a civil partnership – see below). So if you were previously married or in a civil partnership, but have been widowed or divorced or the civil partnership has been dissolved, then you should choose ‘Single’.

The interview will then continue based on your answers and will only ask you questions that are relevant to your status. For example, there is no point in asking a single person for the name of their spouse.

We need this sensitive information to prepare your will, and we will store the answer you give and the will created for the purposes of our services to you only (and for no other purposes). By answering this question you are expressly consenting to our doing so.

Making a will in anticipation of marrying or forming a civil partnership

A will is automatically revoked by a marriage or civil partnership. However, this interview allows you to make a will in anticipation of marrying or forming a civil partnership. Your will won’t then be revoked when that happens. The will is drafted on the basis that your plans are reasonably fixed, and that you have a clear timeframe for the marriage or civil partnership to take place. You will be asked to specify that timeframe. But note that if your marriage or civil partnership does not take place within the specified timeframe, the will would be automatically revoked when it does take place.